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In mourning for the end of Kaki Blue

Waaaaaaaaaaah! Its over, finally over , sob ! I miss everyone !

I miss admiring Sazali’s long hair ,
Mervyn’s hilarious one liners during mike testing (eg  “this is like going to the dentist but without the anesthesia!” ),                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jacy’s enthusiasm (now if I could only bottle it and sell !)
Arja’s pelvic thrusts during the horny scene ,
Edmund’s Shan [ a very fine line between the two 🙂 ],                                                                                                                          putting on make up in the dressing room alongside Tria, Jacy and Ros ,
Joe’s notes (he wasnt as garang as he was during rehearsals, he was quite inspiring),
Yusman’s spectacular set ( you guys are so lucky that I dint fall ok because I do have a reputation for leg injuries, really!),                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Joel’s sweet Lu Kek Sim ( many a girl and guy’s heart melted ),
Stefanie’s sweet smile,
our teachers (Tati,Annette,Jacy,Shangari and myself) ‘s prayer circle before each show(sometimes the boys will join us when they are good !),
Jack’s Bee Chee Rave On dance,
Faridah’s sudden bursts of laughter during rehearsals,
Caltex Mamak ,
Afiqah’s permanent flu (I suspect she was the source of Kaki Flu !),
Paul’s “I’m a diva” finger snap (you guys know what I am talking about!),
Shahila’s melodious “Sing for your supper” (too abstract for my lawyer brain to understand lah , Mark and Joe ),      Tria’s comic antics ( her face is made of rubber ),
huffing and puffing my way up to the highest tier to join Geok Ling and Tati on the other side,
Lex’s “WARM UP!”,
Ivan’s exuberant “Oh,what a night!”,
the list goes on but tired lah to write it all down.

Its been a great experience for me, one that I will cherish for a long,long time.Thank you for picking me , Joe to be part of this wonderful production. Thank you for the wonderful memories, KAKI BLUE !!!

Shalya NOT Shayla ( you started it all, Joe !)
PS:Please correct it on the castmembers list on the blog,Ain.Thank you.

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Great Support from the Deputy Minister of Defense

We had the Deputy Minister of Defense came to watch our show last night! He had been invited to come on stage and as we shook his hand after curtain call, He told us that we did it so professionally, he was impressed and pleased to see us. We had great audience with a support of a powerful man! Thanks for those who came for the show!

3 shows left. Don’t forget to get your friends to come for the last 3 shows!

Btw, no one had red dots on their forehead when perfoming. That means we did a great job right? RIGHT?

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Dear Kakis..

Hello dear Kakis..

Guys and girls, this is the last week isn’t it? And that means only a few more shows!

Yea, many falling sick, but c’mon, fight the viruses in yourselves and show Pentas 1 that heroes wear blue!!!

Heh, I don’t know what was that and where it came from. But on a serious note, everyone of you, take care of your health! Cuci tangan lepas makan, bersin, batuk, korek hidung.. uh.. yeah.. No access to water? Bring hand sanitizer with you! Oh, kalau batuk pun, guna tisu tutup mulut.. then buang tisu baik-baik..

I’m gonna miss you all, maybe except for Edmund, cause I know he’ll miss my eyebags. BUT, soon there won’t be anymore. I hope.. LOL!

I have no more pictures from rehearsals, cause there ain’t any. And I’m so occupied with S+S.. Thanks to Facebook, I think I’ll still see all of you again, right?

As of now, take care of yourselves, do your best for every show, drink plenty of water and less of Coke, eat more healthy stuff but not like McD’s that I see in the Green Room almost every evening.

kiss kiss hug hug to all of you!

with much love,

the mak penyibuk.

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tick tock* tick tock* One Week Left!

Hey Guys & Girls!

One week left! For those who have not gotten your tickets, Get it now, You’ll never know when it’ll be sold out! Don’t take the risk! GET IT NOW! NOW! NOW!

The past week was awesome! We had great audience and with great audience we had great show! So, come and watch us in Kaki Blue and you’ll have heaps of fun and laughter!

oh by the way, Button badges and T Shirt is still available! go get yours today!

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To those who came for the show!

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2nd week run…

Wah… first time blogging here so nice…

Yes it’s me Shan… I mean Edmund… How are you guys there…

Have always wanted to blog but never had the time until today, when I feel typically naughty at work… feel the need to leave my mark here before the show is over. Watching a video tagged by my on-stage mother, GL, I can’t help but to wonder how time passes by ever so quickly and now we are in our second week of performance.

Last Sunday, my friend from France came to watch and he enjoyed our show. See, even french men get it… but he has to ask me what “jantan” is…

I am really excited about performance tonight and was thrilled to go home and read my Star article being published… We are getting loads of publicity. Oh and before I forget, I just want to leave you guys with the link where you can listen to the interview me and Leah attended. Its a very funny one especially when they ask us about Joe and Lex…

Click Below and Have fun…

BFM Radio Interview

Ps: there is two parts to this interview…

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Saturday Night Live!!!

our 3rd show…..on a Saturday night was truly a blast! the audience was not as much as the 1st 2 nights but the lively-ness was awesome…so much louder than Friday night but the love that they gave was equally the same and personally for me, i think everyday we did better, our focus is more on our performance and everyone is alert with what they are doing. and with the help of the audience, our spirits are all fired up that we always gave our best for the show. we sure hope that the reviews gonna come out soon that we can get more publicity for another 2weeks of our run.

heard from some casts member that the 3rd show, alot of malfunctions happened on stage. Shahila and Sandee’s shoes almost flew off because someone stepped on them, some didn’t button their costume properly, having stomach cramps and a lot more. but hey, the show must go on.

and then there’s Sunday show. A Matinee show. 3pm. you might think that this is our 4th show we ‘might’ lost abit of our spirit to perform? well, right here, let us tell you that in EVERY single show that we put on, we are bound to do better than the last performance. if yesterday’s show was good, we want it to be better, if it’s better, we want it to be great, awesome, perfect…. but in every performance, there’s gonna be the bits of ‘ooopsy’ but we sure know how to cover it up! =P

so get your tickets and we promise you that we will put on a great show!!!

cheers =D

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Friday night Blues……

second night of our performance last night…..i must say..the audience on friday has never been the same like any other audience on any other days….. they are more firmed, grounded and keep-to-themselves kindda person. they didn’t laugh much on our jokes but they were really supportive. i guess 1 of the main reason is that they really wanna understand the play. and we really gave our all. our energy is still there. we gave our best to put on a great show! and they loved it.

today’s gonna be our 3rd day, 3rd performance. Saturday night crowd…. in my experience, saturday is the more supportive in term of cheering and laughter… might not be as loud as the 1st night due to the audience are most of our families and friends… saturday performance are fun!!!

so for those who haven’t got their tickets yet….do get it fast…it’s a show not to be missed…. songs are parodied to the songs from the good old days and danced choreographed carefully to the audience delight! so come join us for the fun-filled musical brought to you by KLPac. let us entertain your saturday night! =D


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Flying Fox Blues

So we had our first show last night and it felt good! I suppose the energy was there but there were still parts that I couldn’t hear. – The band was a little too loud and some point, we couldn’t here the actors / ensemble.  We had a full house last night and the crowd were very supportive, well mostly most of them are our family and friends anyway. I felt extremely good while on stage, the energy that each of us gave was tremendous.

Tonight will be bigger and better!

Will rock the Friday Night crowd tonight!

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Opening Night? Tonight?

Today is the beginning of our war!


Words! get your words out but don’t forget to close each word! TIME.



and lastly, enjoy n trust yourself!

Break a leg Kaki Blue!

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